Cuzco (1999/2003)

Chronicle of a City at the End of the Century

(Cronica de una Ciudad al Final del Siglo)

PERU/USA | 1999 / 2003 | 65 mins | B&W + Colour | 16:9

With a teeming variety of characters – all playing their part in an intricately composed mosaic of the city – this documentary chronicles the final days leading up to New Year’s Eve, 1999-2000 in Cuzco – the Ancient Capital of the Incas, 3,300 meters above sea level, in the Andes highlands of Peru.

Through this multitude of characters the film gradually builds a portrait of the city of Cuzco; evoking the atmosphere of a specific place at a very specific point in time. It is a documentary about how different people are viewing the same event – observing these different perspectives in the conflict of the moment, yielding an insight into the quotidian workings of an indigenous belief system against the backdrop of an inherited Western way of life, between how things were, how things are and how they are expected (or predicted) to be.

CUZCO 1999 explores a unique Latin American worldview; yielding an insight into an Andean perception of space and time that is radically different to that of the Western worldview, while acknowledging the complexity of their continued co-existence.

Through this lens, the documentary traces an arc through the conflicting spiritual, bureaucratic and political aspirations of the people of the city and points to potential implications on a wider scale at what the we believe will come to be seen as an important juncture in the post-colonial phase of history.

An Anú Pictures (formerly IMI Pictures) Production
in association with Fair Isle Films, NY

Dedicated to the memory of Roberto Guerra (1942 – 2015),
collaborating filmmaker on the film.

Rome International Documentary Festival, Italy – Jun., 2004
Three Continents International Film Festival, Argentina – Feb., 2003
Cork Film Festival – Oct., 2003
Istanbul International Environmental Film Festival, Turkey – June, 2003
Galway Film Festival, Ireland – July, 2003
Docuclub Screening, MoMA, NY – Jan., 2003