Adventures of a Waterboy

In Development

Inspired by Mike Scott’s recent memoir Adventures of a Waterboy, this film – the first full Waterboys film – will follow Mike and his band recording a new album and will look back over a 40 year musical odyssey “ever in search of new sources of inspiration”.

Mike Scott’s 2012 memoir Adventures of a Waterboy did something that nobody was really expecting. For someone who “reputedly spent much of the defining decade of his music career refusing interviews and disappearing for years at a time in the Celtic mists”¹ Mike wrote a book that turned out to be surprisingly revealing; “a wonderful, eloquent memoir, a captivating, often transcendently evocative read” ¹. Reading it, one cannot help becoming reimmersed in the decade-defining ‘Big Music’ from The Waterboy’s early days – with hits like the ever popular The Whole of the Moon – and being swept back up into the atmosphere of an entire era in the process.

In many ways the early worldwide success of The Waterboys overshadowed a lot of the great music that followed, especially as Mike Scott turned his back on rock stardom and began to constantly challenge his audiences with ever transforming musical styles and sonic explorations. Many will be forgiven for not managing to have followed what one critic describes as “the adventures of a man and a band that never came close to making the same record twice” ¹.

And the records keep coming: 2015 saw the release of The Waterboy’s 11th studio album; Modern Blues (Mike’s 13th album in all), praised by critics as “likely to induce a state of rapture”2. 2015 also saw The Waterboys on tour – playing over 100 concerts across three continents – to a loyal and enduring worldwide following that culminated in Ireland and the U.K. in October and November 2015.

And the records keep on coming with the release of GOOD LUCK, SEEKER in 2020!

Joining The Waterboys as they complete their world tour gives us rocking front row seats to some of their best contemporary performances and a chance to look back over a 30 year career through the lens of the present; combining archive footage with return visits to the key locations from Mike’s long journey including Dublin, Connemara, Edinburgh, Findhorn and New York.

This unique creative music documentary gives us the rare opportunity to explore the breadth and depth of the musical adventures of one of Ireland’s most beloved Scotsmen, and the songwriter that The Telegraph recently lauded as “the closest thing to a Neil Young figure in British music”².

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