Vernissage (2003- 2006)

NY | 2003 – 2006 | 30 mins | B&W + Colour | 16:9

A Selection of Experimental Films by Dónal Ó Céilleachair including:

With You – 2006 • 4 min. • b&w • 16mm • NY

With Wind & White Cloud – 2005 • 4 min. • b&w • Super 8 • NY

Un Peu Moins (A Little Less)
2004 • 5 min. • b&w + colour • Super 8 + Found Footage • NY

Vernissage 2003 • 5 min. • b&w + colour • Found Footage • NY

Empire 2 – 2002 • 3 min. 40 sec. • colour • Found Footage • NY

Luminous Space – 2003 • 12 Min Excerpt from a 43 Min Live Performance • colour + b&w • Found Footage & Live Projection • NY

‘A Powerful Visual Symphony’
Herb Shellenberger on WW&WC

My work in cinema over the past 25 years can be divided into three broad areas:

– The ‘Early’ period was focused more on fiction filmmaking, as I learned my craft through my own short films, while working on independent fiction films in New York as both Assistant Director and Editor

– In my ‘Middle’ period there was a focus more on Experimental and gallery-based work as a Filmmaker and Curator, while I continued to expand my skills as an Editor and as a Producer on independent films and documentaries in New York.

– The most recent period has seen a focus primarily on making my own work in both Observational and Creative Documentary with an eye towards feature-length works that will ultimately combine all three main filmmaking styles.

The films in this selection come from my ‘Middle’ period, and from a long association with the Experimental Film world in New York through Ocularis and our long-standing relationship with Anthology Film Archives, and include:

With You
2006 • 4 min. • b&w • 16mm • NY
WITH YOU is excerpted from the longer form i, of k – a contemporary cinema collaborative exploration of the film medium inspired by Warhol’s seminal film Kiss (1963).

With Wind & White Cloud
2005 • 4 min. • b&w • Super 8 • NY
Oskar Fischinger’s 1927 film Walking from Munich to Berlin was one of the first single-frame films ever made. In the space of three minutes (one camera roll) Fischinger traversed the length of Germany visually articulating the accelerated mode of modern life and anticipating the break-neck speed of the moving image that would come much later with the advent of MTV and television commercials.

In 2003, I found myself in Istanbul for the premiere CUZCO 1999. Intent on traveling over land to Berlin I made my way on eastern European trains with a Super 8 camera and a copy of Bordewll & Thompson’s Film Art: An Introduction. I pointed the camera out the window and 14 days, and 3,240 single frame images later (230 per day) this film was complete.

WW&WC is a contemporary homage to Fischinger’s inspired journey; traveling from the eastern tip of Europe and Istanbul’s Bosphorous shores through Eastern Europe to the heart of Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

“One of the most Irish films I have ever seen”
Peadar Ó Riada, on WW&WC

Un Peu Moins (A Little Less)
2004 • 5 min. • b&w + colour • Super 8 + Found Footage • NY
An experimental film made with found footage and original Super 8 footage made in collaboration with Konstantin Bojanov.

2003 • 5 min. • b&w + colour • Found Footage • NY
No two film screenings are ever the same. During any projection, the immeasurable exchange of alpha waves between the projected image and the receiving audience is always unique as the cinematic situation changes with different spaces and different audiences participating in the act of receiving the film.

Traditionally one thought of filmmakers or artists as completing their work in the studio or edit room. However, the use of the term vernissage acknowledges the active participation of the audience in receiving the work as the final step in the process of its making; the work is finally made – and re-made over and over again – during the process of an audience’s reception of it.

With this moving image piece the work has physically not been made, does not exist in its finished form, until the audience has finished watching it ….

A live video performance piece consisting of a montage of found footage and the live unknown performance of the audience inspired by Robert Morris’s “Box with the Sound of Its Own Making”.

Empire 2
2002 • 3 min. 40 sec. • colour • Found Footage • NY
40 years ago Warhol made one of his most legendary and least seen films; Empire; an 8-hour meditation on the iconic Empire State Building.

Whereas Warhol’s historical reference for Empire was Lumiere and the actuality; or document, the historical reference for Empire 2 is Melies and the trick film; or fiction. Whereas the original Empire concentrates on the top half of the building, Empire 2 focuses on the idea of the building’s antenna.

Whereas the original film lasted for 8 hours, Empire 2 lasts for 3 minutes and 40 seconds.

Luminous Space
2003 • 12 Min Excerpt from a 43 Min Live Performance • colour + b&w • Found Footage & Live Projection • NY

I was one of the founding members of the Expanded Cinema collective; kinoSonik (1999-2004). For five years kinoSonik presented numerous live improvisationary expanded cinema public performances in New York and Internationally.

Each kinoSonik performance mostly comprised of 16mm film found footage and loops was unique and never repeated.

We did live performance visuals for composed works, at public events and at gigs for bands like the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs and Genesis P-Orridge & Throbbing Ghristle.

Luminous Space was a live performance piece that premiered at Anthology Film Archives in 2003.  It consisted of 1 x 35mm Projector, 4 x 16mm Projectors, 1 x Video Projector with a live feed, found footage and loops to create a kaleidoscopic live performance visual interstellar voyage through outer and inner space.

With You
June., 2009 – Margenes Festival, Visual ’09, Madrid, Spain
May, 2007 – Live 8, Film & Performance Series
Sept., 2007 – Arttrail, Tension Exhibition, Cork, Ireland
June, 2006 – Ocularis, Brooklyn, NY

With Wind & White Cloud
Jan., 2009 – Excéntric Exhibition, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art
July, 2007 – Bits & Pieces Exhibition, Macroom, Co. Cork, Ireland
Oct., 2006 – Cork Super 8 Fringe Film Festival, Cork, Ireland
June, 2006 – Ocularis, Brooklyn, NY
& As part of the Absensces and Impossibilities
Irish Experimental Film Retrospective:
Jan 2014 – IFI, Dublin
Feb. 2015 – Peck School of the Arts, Milwaukee, USA
November 2014 – Norwegian Film Institute, Oslo
January 2015 – University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art
March 2015 – Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Spain
March 2015 – London Irish Film Festival
Sept 2015 – The Loft Project, St. Petersburg, Russia
April 2015 – Belfast Film Festival, Ireland

Un Peu Moins (A Little Less),
June., 2009 – Margenes Festival, Visual ’09, Madrid, Spain
July, 2008 – Darklight Film Festival, Dublin, Ireland
4th International Music on Film – Film on Music
Oct., 2007 – Film Festival Prague, Czech Republic
June, 2007 – ArkaVideo & Arts Festival 2007, Assemini, Sardinia, Italy
Nov., 2004 – ‘Curtas’ Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
June, 2006 – Ocularis, Brooklyn, NY

Mar., 2006 – SunKhronos Live Cinema Series, Millennium Film Workshop, NY
June, 2004 – Ocularis, Brooklyn, NY

Empire 2
Feb., 2009 – Clermont Ferrand Film Market, France
May, 2006 – PANORAMICA Video Art Series
May, 2006 – Museo Tamayo – Contemporary Art Museum, Mexico City
May, 2006 – Anthology Film Archives, NY
Feb., 2006 – Spectrum Catalogue of Experimental Film
Nov., 2005 – International Multimedia Festival,
at The Center of Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg, Russia
Oct., 2005 – DUMBO Video Art Festival, Brooklyn, NY
April, 2005 – Bandung Center for New Media Arts, Indonesia